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Air Valve Differences


Surge Analysis Animation


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Applications and Insights


Syrinix Saves Time and Money

High resolution data lets water and wastewater utilities focus on key network issues as well as see first, problems on the network. A true Radar experience.

Manufacturing Marvels

Val-Matic on the Fox Business Network Channel's Manufacturing Marvels.

Surge Tanks and Systems

Charlatte Reservoirs has been the world leader in hydropneumatic vessels since 1961.  

Orbinox Slide Gates

With over 50 years of experience in water treatment applications, Orbinox has a complete range of penstock / slide gates for the most diverse applications, such as water treatment plants, desalination plants, irrigation systems, storm tanks, and flood control systems.

Proco Storm Water and Rain Water Solution

Proco Products is a global leader in the design and supply of expansion joints and rubber check valves with may different materials to choose and select from.  

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