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About Environmental MD, a DXP Company

Environmental MD, a DXP Company, was founded in 2005 with a distinct objective- to represent the industry's best manufacturers and provide exceptional service across Florida as a manufactures representative agency.  Our commitment to excellence and dedication to delivering the highest level of customer satisfaction has earned us a reputable name in the municipal sector.

Our specialties include valves, actuation, pump control, surge mitigation, tank mixing, and smart water IoT capabilities.  Most importantly, EMD offers much more than a typical manufactures representative.  We operate a full-service company that expertly guides our clients through the entire lifecycle of a project - starting with design and engineering, continuing through installation and start-up, and enduring with ongoing field support.

Industry Participants:

  • FWRC - Florida Water Resource Conference
  • FSAWWA - Florida Section American Water Works Association
  • FRWA - Florida Rural Water Association


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