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3-Way Plug Valve Gear Change


Three way plug valves are a great option for diverting or throttling flow to a particular branch (outlet).

3-Way PV Illustration-1

Val-Matic’s 3-way plug valve is the resilient seated type with a concentric acting tapered plug.


The concentric action allows the plug to rotate through various positions as needed for use with standard gears without the need for lifting the plug during actuation.

3-Way PV Cut Away

Cut-Away Of Val-Matic's 3-Way Plug Valve
  • 4" to 12" Sizes with Ductile Iron Construction
  • 100% Ports
  • Buna-N Fully Encapsulated Plug
  • FBE Coated with Stainless Hardware
  • Conforms to Standard Cross & Tee Dimensions











The gears that are typically supplied offer 360 degree rotation so the valve’s plug can move to the three ports or move to allow flow to all of the ports (position 2). The plug location is shown by the actuator position indication arrow.

3-Way Plug Location-1


This Florida project utilized (2) of Val-Matic’s 3-way plug valves in the headworks that feeds two-compartment tanks. The below pictured AUMA gears allow the valve plug to move to position no. 1, 2, 3 or 4.

3-Way Plug Valves_Headworks

The owner wanted to limit the plug movement to exclude position #2 so flow could not go to both outlet no. 1 and 4. Environmental MD  (EMD) was able to accommodate this request. The parts were ordered from AUMA to modify the existing gears (which included deeper end caps).

EMD performed this work in the field without removing the valves or interrupting the plant’s operation. The gears now have an open stop with the plug in position #3 and a closed stop with the plug in position #1.

Field Modified Gear




This picture shows the AUMA gears now configured to travel 180 degree.











Val-Matic has an array of valves for use in the waterworks industry, water, resuse and wastewater applications.  To learn more about Val-Matic, please visit their website at Feel free to reach out to EMD for support, as we are happy to assist you or to point you in the right direction.